Emprende HZ Competition - Finalists

Emprende HZ Competition - Finalists

We have already selected the 15 startups for the final in the Demo Day of #EmprendeHZ. The call was a success, we received 91 initiatives that went from the first links, such as design, to the last aspects, such as the different marketing tools. The fundamental thing is that they are in
in tune with one of the four verticals that support the contest: innovation in packaging, sustainability and circular economy, delivery of value to the customer, logistics and distribution.

▪️ Atacama: refill for filling plastic paint buckets.
▪️ Nanotechnological Biobased: biodegradable polymers for the production of packaging from agro-industrial waste starch using nanotechnology.
▪️ @cafe.circular The first Argentinean network of returnable coffee to go cups is proposed.
▪️ @ecobuyok An App that helps companies to manage their post-consumer waste.
▪️ Fill-It: proposes a system of dispensers in stores and supermarkets that allows users to purchase cleaning and personal hygiene products by filling reusable containers.
▪️ @fungipor Biomaterials: produces biomaterials from agro-industrial waste that are agglomerated under a biotechnological process with fungal mycelium. This material can replace Styrofoam and single-use plastics.
▪️ Hybridon: disinfectant product applicable to the containers, making them "self-disinfecting".
▪️ Kairuz: software focused on the "last mile" concept, covering cross docking or fulfillment.
▪️ @odabiovajilla Biodegradable disposable tableware made from organic industrial waste.
▪️ Omega Group: a biomaterial based on the discarded barley bagasse produced by craft breweries.
▪️ Smart & Green Energy: renewable energies.
▪️ Tech Gate Platform: labels and tapes for packaging, which emit a colorimetric signal when product quality is affected.
▪️ @trangoapp : a digital platform where qualified and independent transporters find a space to offer their transport services.

▪️ Trazatodo, a platform based on the concept of traceability that safeguards the history of a product (its origin, characteristics and location) through records based on Blockchain and a QR code attached to the product.

▪️ VayVen, wrappings to replace single-use packaging bags and boxes.

We continue to advance in this Open Innovation project.