Packaging Development

Our specialised departments work comprehensively, to develop new folding cartons and cardboard by-products

Regional I&D

  • Synergies between our Argentinian, Chilean and Brazilian teams.
  • Testing and development of new materials and supplies.
  • Design of innovative packaging solutions.
  • Development of specialised machinery for exclusive products.

Design and Development

  • Professional packaging designers with wide experience.
  • Materialization of your ideas with real prototypes.
  • Advice during the whole development
  • Optimisation of cartons, cost savings

Technical assistance

  • Professional technicians who provide assistance in packing lines and packing machines.
  • Assistance and operation optimisation.
  • Guidance on the management of folding cartons at points of sale.
at the service of our customers


The whole development process we conduct is based on our vast knowledge and wide experience. We prioritise our plant efficiency, our customers’ brand image, and end consumers’ experience. 

We are passionate about packaging; it is our source of inspiration. If you require any optimisation, new product development, or if you need to materialise an idea, do not hesitate to contact us.