BLOG - Recycled cardboard, an ally in sustainability

BLOG - Recycled cardboard, an ally in sustainability

Do you know the sustainable contribution of choosing recycled cardboard for packaging?

There are several socio-environmental benefits to be gained from the use of recycled cardboard:

  • Saving of natural resources
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Creation of green jobs, through reprocessing centres and harvesters.
  • Generating the habit of recycling

In the case of Papelera del Sur's cardboard, it has a composition of 85% recycled fiber, transforming post-consumer packaging into quality goods for the packaging industry. The 15% of virgin fiber is obtained from forests managed under chains of custody, which guarantee the responsible use of resources, thus closing the entire chain in a sustainable way.

Recycled cardboard is a biodegradable and eco-friendly alternative material without incurring extra costs.

Now that you know the benefits, what materials would you choose to develop your packaging?